Old Brick Store

the old brick store—a corner store in vermont tradition since 1853

290 ferry Rd, charlotte vermont

Open M-F 7am—6pm; Sa 8am—5pm; Su 8am—5pm


The Old Brick Story

There have been four different versions at this venerable locale once known as Williams’ IGA. Each owner brought something special and the store has morphed along the way. Back in the day when Gary Therrien made his meatballs from the deli counter located at the far North end of the store, the “back room” where the coolers are today had not been renovated at all. The store changed hands about two decades ago when Claudia and Nigel Mucklow partnered with Rolf and Carolyn Sennhenn. Together they expanded the floor plan and reconfigured the counter/retail space. Then the Sennhenns took over for about a dozen years. When they were ready to retire, the Old Brick sold to the Cuhna family of Manhattan Pizza fame. The pizza kitchen came to be but due to family tragedy, their tenure was short. Fenn and Ripple in Still Water, LLC whipped the place into shape, kept making pizza, and put in a creemee bar. The community was engaged and numerous young Charlotters were employed these past five years… (Read the full story by The Citizen here)

what you'll find in our store

Simply put… a little bit of everything! We have a well stocked deli with some of our homemade salads and meals. A fresh sandwich, fresh pizza, a growler of Kombucha or take a stroll around our grocery section to find that one item that saves you a trip to the grocery store. We also have a terrific selection of beer and wine and our baked fresh daily cookies and pastries. We pride ourselves on carrying as many local made products as possible. You can find raw honey, maple syrup and fresh roasted coffee just to name a few. If nothing else please stop in for a cup of coffee and feel free to sit at one of our picnic tables right in our store!


our mission

whether you are a local or visitor we'll treat you to authentic charlotte vermont homemade goods and groceries to make your day a little brighter.